angielski Comprehensive project

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The first stage of the comprehensive interior design project is a functional project. A comprehensive project is the realization of the design assumptions completed by the final interior design. It contains all the necessary information to implement the planned objectives. Stages of the comprehensive project:

  • Functional project- layout of individual interiors
  • Arrangement of space – individual interiors – 2 proposals,
  • 3D model + computer visualization – 2 proposals with corrections,
  • Technical documentation – drawings necessary for the realization of the interior: projections, layout of the installation: electric, hydraulic, CO. Projects of floors, ceilings and other elements of non-standard buildings, sections with executive descriptions and designs of custom-made furnishings,
  • Material and cost calculations
  • Author’s supervision over the course of execution
  • Help with ordering finishing materials
  • On-site consultation and full coordination of the implemented work
  • Supervision of the construction crew